Given the essential role of literature in the cultural and intellectual development of the individual, this project aims to promote creativity, a taste for reading and, above all, literary creation. It is also a tribute to the writer who gives it his name, thus seeking to promote the knowledge of the work of Eça de Queirós, one of the most relevant authors of our literature. This project is a partnership between the Livros de Ontem and the Junta de Freguesia dos Olivais.

NOTE: The book will have a value of € 13 during the crowdfunding campaign and € 15 after the closing. Choose the rewards package you want and discover all the exclusive offers we have for you! A Publishing Livros de Ontem. Partnership Junta de Freguesia dos Olivais. Tales of Luísa Semedo, João de Almeida, Quita Miguel, Márcia Balsas and Márcia Costa. Editing and Review of João Batista | Livros de Ontem. Graphic Project by Nádia Amante | Livros de Ontem. 1st edition limited to 200 copies.

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The collection "Challenges of Europe" is a publication of Livros de Ontem in partnership with the Junta de Freguesia dos Olivais with the aim of promoting creativity, a taste for reading and, above all, literary creation. Tales of: Luísa Semedo - Coal sky, sea of ​​steel João de Almeida - The way on fire in a house that freezes Quita Miguel - Under a heaven from another God Márcia Balsas - Drawer of Mysteries Márcia Costa - Blowing Ashes

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