The Five-Leaf System is a dynamic system. It assesses ecological performance in the tourism sector, on a leaf scale from one to five leaves. Included in the assessment are all types of tourist lodgings, along with tourist operators, travel agents, tourist guides and consultants, and it also includes suppliers of materials, equipment and services. 

Our focus in this campaign will be on lodgings in Lisbon.

One of our objectives is to provide hotel and lodging owners with a practical guide on the main areas of interest for a hotel that is environmentally friendly. This includes lighting, air conditioning and electrical equipment generally; water consumption; air quality inside the building; products and services relating to personal hygiene; waste management; training of staff and awareness-raising; interaction with stakeholders and ecological supplies and acquisition.

Lodgings will be given an award of between 1 and 5 leaves on the basis of the following general criteria, with specific information supplied for all potential members:

1 Leaf – hotels and other types of lodging where there has not been to date any concern with the environment, but where the management shows interest in starting the process.

2 Leaves – an award at this level represents a clear level of concern, using general criteria which show interest in defending the environment in all its aspects.

3 Leaves – an award at this level involves a pro-active attitude on the part of the management, with a check list of criteria to be fulfilled, and guests fully aware of this concern for the environment.

4 Leaves – the award at this level is based on compliance with the majority of measure set out for level 3 and other more technical requisites.

5 Leaves – this is the top level, and involves total commitment to a high level of environmental performance, building on all the work done at levels 1 to 4. 

With your help, we can reach all hoteliers, lodging managers and owners in Lisbon (totalling 6,100), making this the first city in the world to have all its tourist accommodation environmentally friendly! There is an easily understandable scale, with the award of levels based solely on a clear pro-environment attitude and the implementation of environmentally friendly measures both visible and at back office levels, such as with suppliers, tourist agents and consultants.

About the author: 

Silvia Pelham was born in Lisbon, studied in London and has taught environment studies at the Lisbon Faculty of Architecture. She has always been interested in the way buildings can be designed to minimise energy costs, being aware that the general public is more and more concerned to preserve resources on the planet, and is more responsible in all aspects of ecology and the environment. With this trend there will come more awareness of the need to choose a tourist destination and lodgings based not only on comfort, location and service, but also with an environmental focus. In 2011, the system, called “The Five-Leaf System”, was created and registered, developing all the detailed information regarding levels and a questionnaire for all those in tourist management interested in joining the initiative. Hotels with one, two or three stars can show that in terms of the environment they can reach up to five leaves. It is this additional feature that will allow Lisbon tourist accommodation to become greener as a whole. What matters essentially is the will to be part of a project with a simple aim: to show that the environment matters to everyone in Lisbon’s tourist industry.   There are two other team members, Jason Lawrence – Design (creator of the video at the heart of the project), and Jessica Linda – Fund-raising focus.

Budget and due dates: 

<p>Dissemination of information and contacts made with 6,100 hotels, managers and owners involved in tourist accommodation.<br />
The amount raised will be used to put together a team that will make all these contacts over a three-month period.<br />

<p>Once we reach 6,100&euro; through crowd funding (the equivalent of 1,00&euro; for every lodging) we can start on the initiative. All additional funding will be duly accounted for and will provide scope for actions during the three-month period geared to increasing awareness of environmental performance among hotel managers, owners, tourists, suppliers and consultants.</p>

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    Ótima ideia, turistas sim mas com ambiente limpo
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    Leaf-Boa is a wonderful initiative to conserve and protect our beloved city of Lisboa!!
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    boa boa LISBOA agradece
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