The idea of creating this campaign came up with the will to continue the promotion of Portuguese Classical Theatre, amplifying and diversifying the ways of divulging it, in order to reach the largest possible number of people, and of all ages.

The Teatro Maizum is the only Portuguese theatre company that has presented the Portuguese classical theatre repertoire, in a consistent and continuous fashion, with shows that have become a reference and with other study and dissemination initiatives that have become known to the general public and which have been supported by prestigious entities.


We highlight the performances of the comedies Euphrosyne and Ulysippo by Jorge Ferreira de Vasconcelos and also the dramaturgy of Luís de Camões and even Father António Vieira. In 2008, we had the CLÁSSICOS NA BULHOSA program (Classics in Bulhosa bookstore), a meeting between actors, public and experts and more recently we had the ATELIER DE TEATRO RENASCENTISTA (Portuguese Renaissance Theatre Lab) at the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, as well as the interdisciplinary work involving the V Centenary of Jorge Ferreira de Vasconcelos in 2015.

In 2016, we began the first edition of Clássicos em Cena, at the Centro Mário Dionísio – Casa da Achada, where we presented to the public, three major Portuguese theatre works: Comedia Ulysippo, Os Vilhalpandos and Comédia O Cioso. The project for this year aims to give continuity to an ongoing work of divulgation of the Portuguese dramaturgy.

In order to materialize this second edition of Clássicos em Cena we need to gather resources to provide dignity and visibility to this creative and research work that is been done over many years, around the consolidation of Portuguese classical theatre and a dramaturgy in Portuguese language. In particular, for this feast of classics, held in November 2017, we still need 3,000 euros, to be able to present it to the public.

We already have the support of CML (Lisbon’s City Council) that includes some aid for printing ad materials and divulgation (Lisbon’s Cultural Guide); the support of the Sá da Costa Bookstore where the event will take place; support / partnership of the National Center for Culture and Classical Studies Center at the University of Lisbon, in terms of divulgation.

Why finance this project?

This project aims to keep alive the Portuguese theatrical heritage, defending the right to be able to feel in Portuguese, and to think and formulate the art, science, culture, contemporary and future in Portuguese language. The global world and multicultural Europe can only truly exist, by the appreciation of linguistic diversity, holder of multiple ways of seeing and understanding reality. If not us, who will be interested in the Portuguese language and culture, and consequently for our worldview?

What are the advantages for you?

In addition to the various materials that will be given according to each contribution, and to be able to watch and participate in this Festival of Classics, our patrons will be part of an artistic and cultural community that nurtures and celebrates the Portuguese theatre, and through an experience of active citizenship aims to support the Teatro Maizum and its project of achieving and consolidating a permanent home for a dramaturgy in Portuguese language and for the Portuguese Classic Theatre.

About the author: 

The Teatro Maizum has privileged figures and fundamental works of Portuguese Culture and the revelation and theatralization of these works has been the practice of this Company over its 35 years of existence.

The dissemination and valorisation of these works and these authors materialized a project of Classical Theatre, an artistic proposal that integrates the aesthetic, literary, philosophical and scientific levels. It is a multidisciplinary reflection made into a show, assuming the desire to "look the past, to let the realities of the present be illuminated”. A journey crisscrossing History, Literature and the Theatre, through forgotten classical texts and other texts which are revelatory of the Portuguese cultural identity.

This path of recognizing the classics like our contemporaries, interpreting them and pervading them with the present reality, has led us to develop a work of reflection, involving research, discovery, experimentation and theatrical creation, especially from the dramatic texts by Portuguese authors of the XVI Century, whose purpose has been to enhance the theatrical virtues of this repertoire, as well as inter-relate it with the Greco-Latin sources from the perspective of European cultural heritage.

Budget and due dates: 

Support materials (texts support, photocopying and bookbinding) - € 100.00
Props and costumes - € 150,00
Cards, room sheet and posters (paper printing) - € 300.00
Rehearsal space - € 300,00
Sound mixer (symbolic pay) - € 200,00
Actors (symbolic pay 15x € 100) - € 1500,00
Videography - € 300,00
BOABOA’s fee - € 150,00

Total - € 3.000.00

The event will take place from the 25th of November to the 2nd of December in Sá da Costa Bookstore. Rehearsals will begin in early October. The assembly will take place in the 2nd half of November.

25th: 18h30 – Inauguration of the Exhibition Jorge Ferreira de Vasconcelos: Um Homem do Renascimento
26th: 16h00 – Book launch “Dramas Imperfeitos”, by Silvina Pereira
27th: 18h30 — 20h00 – Public staged reading - Auto da Natural Invenção + Conference
28th: To be scheduled – Open rehearsal
29th: 18h30 — 20h00 - Public staged reading - Auto dos Sátiros + Conference
30th: To be scheduled – Open rehearsal
1st: 18h30 — 20h00 - Public staged reading - Auto da Florença + Conference
2nd: 16h00 — 22h00 - Public staged reading of the trilogy + Party of Classics/Talk + Concert.

16h00 – Reading - Auto da Natural Invenção
Musical interlude
17h30 – Reading - Auto dos Sátiros
Musical interlude
19h00 – Reading - Auto da Florença
Interlúdio Musical
20h30 – Talk / Party of Classics / Concert